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Luisa Marsh - Demonologist by EjLowell Luisa Marsh - Demonologist by EjLowell
From the Journal of Colton Valantin:

"August 19,
Today I asked around for a Demonologist; I was in need of one, having run into some horrid version of undead just the other day. The locals pointed me to a tiny shop in the back end of the town, scrunched somewhat comically between a bakery and a butcher shop. The owner of said store informed me that her name was Luisa Marsh, and that I would be perfectly fine calling her Lu, or Marsha. Lu was an interesting character, I recall her skin being of a somewhat greenish cast, and freckled. Of course, she kept the lights in her shop dimmed down; the only light came through a couple of dusty windows, so I couldn't really be sure what her skin color was. She had a book open when I walked in, and had all manner of volumes stacked up on her desk - one, I noticed, had a title in an alphabet I'd never seen before. When I asked her if she had any books on the particular type of demon I had run into, she responded with, 'Let's go for a ride, shall we?' We proceeded to pull books off of shelves, put them back, and eventually got to some that contained something like I had described. As she moved around, I could tell that her hair was damp, somehow, and her gait was odd; it was as if her legs were too long. When I asked her about it, she proceeded to ignore me. Leaving, I wondered idly at the name of her shop: 'The Kelpie's Library.' Note to self: look up half-breeds the next time I run into her."

This is my for fun entry for Seventh Sanctum's Fantasy Fusion contest. The prompt was to run the Fantasy Crossbreed generator, and make something to do with the result. I got this:
"The cunning, friendly female half-Kelpie demonologist. Her wardrobe is utilitarian. She appears human - but those who interact with her keep getting the impression that she isn't human."

I think I got it pretty close. I used the Kelpie from Arthur Spiderwick's field guide as a reference.

Drawn completely digitally.
Art (c) Ej Lowell
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toshirodragon Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Nice illusion of depth in this one, but overall I'd say a touch too dark. I really have to pull the laptop screen forward to see any details.
EjLowell Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Hmm... okay. I'll have to figure out how to fix that. I was trying to get away from my really bright pictures, but... hm. Yeah. DX I'll fix that.
Boaal Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2011
The hair is good, but the bookshelves in the background seem too blurred.
CabbyHat Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2011
Cool entry! I like the characterization and hints of worldbuilding in your description. Lu seems like an interesting character. :)
EjLowell Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks! :D
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February 26, 2011
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